Gate Automation

Not only are automated gates an incredibly luxurious and fashionable addition to your property or business. They also add an additional layer or protection for your home or business. Automated gates are becoming increasingly more popular around the country and something you truly don’t want to miss out on in your property. At A D Security Systems, we are experts in Gate Automation and are able to provide you a complete security package, including the highest quality and variety of automated gates. We offer a large range of automated gates, so we are guaranteed to have one that would suit your needs best.

Automation Mechanisms

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An overground automated gate is one of the more visible, yet convenient options for gate automation. With our high-quality systems there is no need to make adjustments to your driveway or groundwork – it is very easily installed on an existing gate.


Sliding gates are the perfect solution when there isn’t room on the property for swinging gates, or perhaps if there is a steep slope in the drive. In fact, sliding gates are even more secure than swing gates as they provide higher resistance against forced entry. We can install our gate automation system on virtually any gate design on a sliding gate system, ensuring it will look like a pair of gates when it’s closed. Sliding gates are available as either a track system where the wheels of the sliding gate run on a metal track, or as a cantilever sliding gate system, where there is no track, and the gate is supported by rollers from off the driveway. At A D Security we are more than happy to advise you which system would suit best to your needs!

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Underground gate automation is the more aesthetically pleasing option for automating an existing gate as the system is installed below ground and is therefore completely concealed. Excavation work will be required during the installation of an underground gate automation system, however at A D Security Systems we are experts in this. We will ensure all work is carried out to a perfect and efficient standard, making sure the ground is left in the exact same state as it was found before installation.


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Wooden gates are a very warm, robust and aesthetically pleasing option. Our swing gate automation system, as well as our sliding automation system are available within the wooden gate range, where we can help offer advice to decide on the right style that would fit your home. We offer a wide range of access control, as well as CCTV options to help allow access to the property. This includes intercoms, keypads and remote controls – so you are guaranteed to find something that suits your needs best.


Aluminium gates provide the perfect balance between strength and appeal. They can look just as natural and warm as a wooden gate, without the need for the wood maintenance. Our aluminium gates are a more lightweight alternative to wooden or metal gates, meaning the gate automation system options are widely available. The automation systems can be fitted both above and below ground, and in swing or sliding formats (depending on the opening space you have available on your property). We have a wide range of different styles available within the aluminium gate range: whether you like a more contemporary look or prefer something more traditional – we have are sure to have something within your liking!

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Metal gates are one of the strongest and most secure options within our range of products. We have a very large variety of metal gates available – plain and simple, or perhaps something more intricate. You can choose whether you would like your metal gate to be a swing gate, split gate or a sliding gate depending on what works best for your property. We can then design it with the best automation that you require, whether that’s above or below ground, cantilever or tracked.



Our security swing gates are a perfect option when space isn’t an issue. With their beautiful designs they are certain to add an incredibly grand and imposing aesthetic to your commercial property. Combine that with one of our various gate automation systems and you are guaranteed to give an incredible first impression to your clients. Our stunning gate designs will help keep your property more private and secure, without having to compromise on style or aesthetic.

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It is of vital importance that pedestrians are able to enter your commercial property safely, without any risk of them becoming injured. Whether you need a pedestrian gate for a vehicular area, or to enter a pedestrianised zone, at AD Security Systems we have a wide range of gates available to ensure the health and safety of both your employees and visitors.


If your commercial property doesn’t have the space available for a swing gate to open at the entrance of your property, security sliding gates offer a perfect alternative. Our security sliding gates are certain to keep your commercial property safe and secure, without having to compromise on the aesthetics. We offer a large variety of designs in our security sliding gate range, meaning there will certainly be one that will be the perfect fit for your property.

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