If your home isn’t smart yet, then you don’t know what you’re missing. While it may seem to some people that having a home where you can control the lights with your voice is still lightyears away or something only for the mega-rich, they are wrong, having a smart home is accessible for anyone now. If you want to get connected, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Installing Smart Homes in Brentwood, Essex

When it comes to having a smart home, do you know what you can get connected, and how will it benefit you? Well, to start with, think about the security in your home. The options here are smart CCTV solutions, blinds that you can control remotely so that when you’re on holiday, you can pretend you’re not, a smart doorbell so you can see who’s come to see you and keep out those who you don’t want. Everything is connected to your smartphone so you can be on top of your home security at any time of day or night. But in reality, you don’t even need to be on top of it, as the smart solutions take care of that for you. You will receive alerts, should anything happen and you can even get your systems connected to the police, should they need to be called.

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Next, you might want to think about your lighting and heating. Not only can you control these remotely from your phone or with your voice, but you can also set timers and adjust the thermostat so that the heating comes on to the temperature that you like when you’re on your way home, so it’s nice and toasty for you when you get in. You could schedule your shades to close at midday for effortless energy efficiency, set specific temperatures in different rooms to keep the whole family happy and if you have a second home, you can keep an eye on it with alerts about extreme cold or humidity. Smart lighting and heating will keep your energy bills down, and while it might seem like a big expense initially to get it set up, in the long run, it is a much cheaper option and much better for the environment too. If you want to do your bit in support of climate change, then a smart home could really help.

When it comes to lighting, imagine you can control any light in the house from wherever you are? With smart bulbs, you can save energy by setting your system to turn off lights in empty rooms, schedule outdoor lights to turn on and welcome you home after work or just say ‘goodnight’ when you want everything to turn off and you can go to bed.

So after all of this, you’ll be comfortable temperature-wise in your home, and you’ll have the lighting just right, and you’ll be saving money. But what else can you do with a smart home? How does a Home Cinema sound? With the latest in TV technology, cinema rooms, multiroom audio and video, as well as solutions to hide your TVs, speakers and all other unsightly boxes, you can get just about anything you could ever dream of in terms of a home cinema. No matter what your budget is, we’ll find something to suit you and your cinema vision. Our engineers can install the latest audiovisual technology to the highest standard. With smart TVs, speakers, projectors, you can just about have your cinema room however you want it.

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Now, then you’re going to get hungry and thirsty from time to time, so what about having a smart kitchen too? We can install your smart appliances to make monitoring your kitchen much easier, and even making coffee from the comfort of your sofa. Smart kitchens can include waterproof TVs and ceiling speakers, giving you valuable worktop space. There are tonnes of smart kitchen appliances available now, from smart kettles which you can control without having to leave the sofa to smart fridges which can tell you what food you’re running out of, what is going out of date and it can keep your food fresher than a normal refrigerator.

From the multi-room audio-video to home cinema installations, automated lighting control systems to home CCTV and security to heating and air conditioning, AD security systems can sort it out for you.

If you need some advice on home automation systems we use and can install, then Savant Pro technology, is one that is setting new heights in virtual reality automation and bringing you real-time control of your living space. As an approved dealer and system integrator for this system, we are always able to recommend the solution that most perfectly fits your needs.

So, imagine how your life could be in a smart home…

It’s a Friday night, and you’re late leaving work, you remotely access your climate control from your smartphone. The system detects there’s no-one else at home so turns down the heating. On your way home, you hit a traffic jam; the GPS in your smartphone automatically keeps the system updated and only turns the heating back on when you’re 20 minutes away…the perfect comfort level when you finally arrive.

Later that evening, you’re watching a film in your smart cinema room with your family and then the doorbell rings. You pause the movie, and automatically the lights turn up a little to allow you to see what you’re doing. You check the video feed on your smartphone to see who’s at the door and speak to them remotely. Then when you press play the lights automatically fade off as you enjoy the rest of the film.

Finally, when the film is finished, you go to bed and get a good night’s sleep and then in the morning as the sun comes up, your blinds automatically open. You open a window in the bedroom to let in some air and the system automatically turns down the heating in the room to save wasting energy.

You wake up feeling good as you’ve been woken up naturally, and you go downstairs, and your coffee is already made. What a smart life, hey?

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