A smart home is only as good as its parts. Visual, audio, lighting, HVAC, and security are all critical components of an integrated technology system. They should come together to meet your precise needs and wants by providing a personalized experience at the touch of a button. This is why AD Security are your number one home automation Savant system installers in and around the Essex area.

Our goal is never to fill homes with ‘only’ trendy equipment. AD Security takes great pride in providing tools and technology that allow you to make the most of the spaces where your life happens. That’s why a Savant Home System is the perfect way to integrate your home with technology.

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Some Of The Features Savant Can Offer

Smart Blinds and Lighting Control

With a professionally installed Savant smart home, you can control and automate your blinds during the day to make the most of the natural light. At night, automated lighting and smart bulbs give you full control over which lighting scenes and combinations you want to bring to life, with options to preset and schedule. Lights can also be programmed to automatically turn on as you approach the house, so you never have to enter the house in the dark.

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Heating and Air Conditioning Smart Control

With a smart thermostat, heating can be better controlled and automated to help you save on your heating bill. It can be activated or deactivated remotely and certain installations allow for multi-zone heating, heating only the rooms that you need. Additionally air conditioning systems can be programmed to come on at certain times of day or when the temperature outside reaches a certain level.

Music and Entertainment

Whether it’s Alexa, Siri or your Google Assistant, you can control every aspect of your home entertainment system. Simply by using compatible smart home devices such as your smartphone, tablet or touch screen wall devices you can control your music and video from a central point within the house.

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Door Entry and Security

Greater connectivity means a greater home security system. A door entry and security system in your smart home means you are able to remotely control smart locks, view CCTV security cameras and video doorbells, plus receive mobile app notifications when motion is detected in the home by intruder sensors.
In addition to this, the system can also be used to operate features such as lighting and blinds remotely while you are not home which increases security by creating the illusion that someone is at home.

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