CCTV System Installers Essex

Surveillance and evidence can be one of the most crucial aspects of securing your home or business property in Essex. As such, CCTV (or closed-circuit TV) systems can safeguard your home. Not only do they provide recordings you can use to get to the bottom of any wrongdoing, but they serve as a deterrent against those who would think better of it when they see that they’re being watched.


At AD Security Systems, we have a wide selection of the latest, most technologically innovative, and highest quality CCTV systems available. There are options to suit every budget, every property, and every need, providing 24-hour security and surveillance to ensure that your sense of safety is maintained. Read on to learn about our CCTV systems and why you should consider installing one in your Essex property.

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CCTV Installers Essex

Our CCTV installations engineers and technicians bring the experience, the expertise in home security products, and the customer service you need to ensure that your home is secured as best as possible. We offer the best advice we can based on your needs, the size and shape of the property, and any restrictions, budgetary or otherwise, that can affect your choices. No matter what the case is, we’re here to ensure that you get the best possible CCTV in your Essex property.

We’ve helped a wide range of both residential homeowners and commercial property owners ensure that their premises are thoroughly looked after. As such, we’re able to recognise the security needs of a truly diverse range of buildings. From blind spots to potential entryways that the average person might not think of, but the average criminal might, we can ensure that you’re left without any vulnerabilities.

Our Residential & Commercial CCTV systems

Besides advising you on which systems work best to your needs and installing them, we can help you maintain and make the most out of your up-to-date CCTV systems. As these systems become more cost effective and feature-packed, more and more homeowners and commercial property owners are turning to them. Not only does CCTV act as an effective deterrent, but the evidence it records in the event of a crime can be crucial to finding a solution.

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High quality 24-hour surveillance

All of our high-quality CCTV cameras offer footage recording for both day and night, with high-definition footage that can help you see clearly, whatever the weather. This can include infrared technology that even ensures detailed recordings in darkness.

Great storage capacity

Furthermore, the capacity storage on CCTV is even improving, with footage to over 30 days’ worth of material always stored on the system, so you can rest easy that you have time to find the footage and act on it in the event of an intrusion or crime.

Worldwide surveillance through your device

More CCTV systems are getting smart, allowing them to connect to mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, no matter where they are in the world. As such, you can watch over your property, ensure its safety, and get in touch with the police yourself, even if you’re nowhere near the scene.


Consistent footage or motion sensor

Many CCTV systems will record all throughout the day, retaining as much footage as they can while making sure that you don’t miss a thing. However, some do think that this approach does result in a lot of unnecessary footage to trawl through. As such, you can also choose sensor-operated CCTV that comes on only when it needs to. This means that you can potentially storage a lot more relevant footage and find incident recordings a lot more easily.


The benefits of CCTV

We have CCTV systems for Essex homeowners and business owners of all budgets and needs. Investing in quality and more advanced features can help you get more out of your CCTV, but even the most basic systems have a few core benefits that are worth taking seriously. Here are the advantages of CCTV:


  • Deterrence: Most criminals are opportunists. If they see a home that is protected, they’re more likely to turn tail and flee than to try to break in anyway. A CCTV system is an often clearly visible reminder that your home is protected, which can reduce its risk of being targeted in the first place.
  • Monitoring and evidence collecting: Sometimes, it can be hard to report the truth of the matter to the authorities because of a “he said, she said” situation. Especially if you weren’t there to witness it yourself. CCTV systems offer peace of mind that you’re able to monitor all activities around the property, and to help both you and the police get to the bottom of any incidents through the evidence that they capture.
  • Light on maintenance: Compared to some other home security systems, CCTV barely requires any maintenance at all. Provided that you occasionally give it a once over with a clean cloth and have it professionally serviced once in a while, it should keep your family and property safe for years to come.
  • Insurance implications: You pay more for your home insurance based on its risk. The better its secured, the less risk there is associated with it. As such, installing CCTV and other security measures could lower your insurance payments.


Of course, CCTV systems work all the better when they’re partnered with a comprehensive approach to home security. Besides installing, maintaining, and advising on CCTV systems, AD Security Systems can also provide intruder alarms, door entry systems, access control panels, and other AV residential security systems. If you’re not certain what your property needs, we’re glad to advise you to the best of our ability.


Call your Essex CCTV Installers and we’re glad to help secure your property.

If you have any questions about the different systems available or want to install your own as soon as you can, don’t hesitate to get in touch with AD Security Systems. We bring over 25 years’ experience, offering free estimates, and 24/7 support, 365 days a year.

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