When it comes to protecting your home or commercial property in Brentwood, few tools are as essential to your security as the intruder alarm. Thieves and trespassers are, by their nature, opportunistic. They’re always looking for the easy score with the least hassle possible. Seeing that you have a well-fitted alarm system can more often than not be precisely the deterrence you need to keep them away from the home.


AD Security Systems offers a range of high-quality intruder alarms, designed to offer 24-hour security, to protect your family, home, and personal possessions. We have a host of options to suit your needs, including wired and wireless, as well as those designed to be pet-friendly so that your dog doesn’t end up setting your alarm off accidentally. Read on to learn more about why you should consider our intruder alarm systems.

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Intruder Alarm System Installation Brentwood

The Borough of Brentwood is a flourishing community, with deep historical roots, and a growing range of local businesses, including retail, leisure, and manufacturing. Out of the nearly 50 thousand that call Brentwood home, however, it’s only natural that there should be some troublemakers. Across the different policing areas, an average of 450-500 crimes a month is committed and, when it comes to intrusion and burglary, it’s those who have the most to lose who are most often targeted.


AD Security Systems is poised and in a position to help protect your, your family, your assets, and your property with a range of different intruder alarm systems. We have both wired and wireless systems for the home, as well as pet-friendly systems. However, for commercial premises, we offer specialized integrated alarms that offer an immediate police response, ensuring that help is on the way as soon as possible.


Our team will help you explore the different options on offer, figuring out your requirements and which intruder alarm systems are best designed to meet them. This will include looking at your budget, at the size and scope of your property, at potential weaknesses in existing security systems and more. We bring an expertise in home security systems, including intruder alarm systems, so that you don’t have to.

The benefits of intruder alarm systems

  • Deterrence: Burglars and other intruders are less likely to invade properties that have clearly identifiable security devices in place. As such, simply buying an intruder alarm system could reduce your risk of having your home or commercial property targeted.
  • Peace of mind away from home: Though some systems work better for those frequently away from home, having some kind of alarm present can offer you the peace of mind that your property and possessions are much safer from intruders.
  • Lower the costs of home insurance: If your home is protected, then it’s at less risk. This is what insurance providers are looking out for, so investing in intruder alarm systems could end up reducing your home insurance costs.
  • Increase your property value: A safe home is just as important to property buyers. Knowing that they’re investing in a home that’s safer could encourage them to offer more for it.


Types of intruder alarm systems

Before you fit an alarm for your home or business in Brentwood, it pays to know the different types out there. We can help you choose from a wide range of alarm systems. However, first, you need to choose between wired and wireless.


Wired alarm systems are cheaper to buy, initially, but can be expensive to initially install since the wires have to be run through the home and hidden away. Wireless alarms cost more initially, but don’t have labour costs quite as high. Rather than communicating by wires, these systems signal to a radio panel using radio signals. Besides tending to look a little more aesthetically pleasing, you can also easily add additional sensors to wireless alarm systems and install them in a new home once they’ve been removed from the older one.


If you need more information on how going wired or wireless can impact your costs and your plans for your home security, we’re glad to help you with in-depth estimates. However, here are some of the other features worth considering when choosing an intruder alarm system in Brentwood:


  • Bells-only: Also known as audible alarm systems, these only produce a loud noise when triggered, which is often enough to scare off an intruder and to alert anyone in the area to a crime taking place. The cost-effectiveness of these models makes them an accessible choice, but they do not have any option to alert you or the emergency services if you are not close-by to the home. As such, they’re mostly recommended in residential neighbourhoods where you know those living around you.
  • Dialler: As the name suggests, dialler intruder alarms will automatically get in contact with you, or any friends or family you have nominated. You can programme a list of multiple numbers so that it attempts to get in contact with every individual, so even if you’re not available, someone else might be able to respond. There are different types of diallers, so it’s worth looking at their features more closely.
  • Smart home systems: The most recently developed type of intruder alarm systems, these connect to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, usually via internet connection. They can be connected to other smart security devices, such as locks, cameras, and so on, enabling you to respond to potential threats much more quickly and immediately through your device.
  • Police monitored: As these devices come with a fee, they tend to be used more by commercial clients with the budgets to spare. Like dialler systems, these intruder alarms respond to intruders by getting in contact, only it’s with the police instead of you. While there’s no guarantee they will respond and go to you home immediately, it can help.


Should you consider an intruder alarm system for your property in Brentwood?

If you have any questions about the different systems available or want to install your own as soon as you can, don’t hesitate to get in touch with AD Security Systems.

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